Haircut, performance, Time Lab, Gent and Kapo, Kanazawa, Japan, 180’

I enter a dark room. There are two chairs and a table with tools. Didier and Peter are waiting for me. After having given my coat and scarf to Didier, I sit on a chair in the room. Didier comes slowly to me and starts combing my hair. We hear the reinforced sound of the comb through the hair. After a while there’s still a sound of a speaker coming from my plexus. Didier stops and takes a pair of scissors, the sound of which is also strengthened. The sound is becoming louder, so you can here the sound of the three prayers of P1. Although the scissors are becoming blunter, Didier goes on cutting. When finishing, he starts to shave my head until 3 mm is left. The performance is almost finished.I take a microphone from the table and start singing. Once Didier stops shaving, there is silence. Only the sound of the speaker remains. I remove my coat and take a seat, he collects the hair in a wooden suitcase and hands it over to me.

I disappear, while Didier and Peter remain in the room.

This performance was shown live stream in Kapo, Kanazawa, Japan.