Book washing, Croxhapox, Ghent, 360’

In enter a white room with a wet floor, with the Quran, the Bible and the Torah in my hands. After laying these three books on the floor, I change clothes, same as P1: Baptism. I take a towel and scalpel and move towards the books. In prayer position I sit on the towel and put the books together. The titles are upwards. I take the Quran and begin to dissect it with a scalpel. Then I decompose the Torah and the Bible. There is a bunch of paper. After the sheets have been mixed together, I move to the furthest wall of the room, and I put one sheet after the other on the floor, next to each other. After six hours, a paper landscape appears. When I finish my action, I wait for Didier. He comes with an empty bucket of “Baptisme”, and puts it under a tap. When the bucket is filled, the valve remains open. I take the bucket and I pour the water over the paper landscape. After I’ve refilled the bucket, I repeat this operation several times. After that Didier takes the bucket which is full with water outside. I sit back and look at the wet landscape. Then I get up and gather the wet leaves with my hands until a small pile of paper remains.