Heart In Fact 1209


HIF 1209 with sound makers Anouk Fraweel and Vic Grevendonk, BHART#01, RFF, Antwerp

When you enter, you notice two low wooden square tables. On the left either Anouk or Vic are seated with their sound equipment. On the right side, Johanna lowers a booklet. In the booklet is written: ”Please, write your name down in this booklet”. When the participant has done this, the booklet is pulled up again and Johanna takes her place behind her table. At the center a projection shows live images of what Johanna is doing. Through speakers you hear Anouk or Vic doing their thing. You witness them creating an image and a sound. You look at an audio-image perception of the former participant that was present in the room. After this Johanna attaches the collage to a glass wall and then she takes a photograph of the participant which in turn is being displayed on a monitor. When this is done the participant leaves. Immediately the images and sounds that are being found that match best with this participant.

Two days later, 38 people have participated, they make an audio performance about the entire experience. Anouk and Vic are sitting behind a table making sound while Johanna is standing on a ladder, behind them, writing down the names of the participants on the wall with a brush.